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365 Days of London: A Summary

I don't really have time to be writing this.  I'll be honest.  I've just moved, AGAIN.  I haven't slept normal hours for nearly three weeks now.  I have a million things to sort out, I'm a week behind at work, I've missed my cousin's birthday and I've run out of toilet paper.   My writing this post is clear and documented evidence of procrastination.  Don't tell my mom that I confessed to this.  Oh wait, she reads this...busted. But I feel compelled to.  I've started my blog a bit late into my European adventure and have not given proper credit to my host city, London.  So before I settle in, before I eat another croissant, or taste another piece of delicious cheese (sorry Kristen) and do anything else that brings me closer to being Parisian, I need to document some of my thoughts on the place I called home for over the last year. London is an incredibly diverse city.  It's a city where anything goes - it has reminded me a lot of San Fran