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Foodie Tales: Paris des Chefs

A couple of weeks ago (I need to get more timely with this blogging business), we informally inaugurated "Cultural Sundays" with my patchwork quilt of global expats from work.  Our first expedition was to Paris des Chefs , a food event.  My fave highlights: Truffle Flavored Cashews I mean truffled flavored anything is good (except when I make it of course - see Truffle Tales ), but there is something about combining the in-your-face flavor of the truffle with the smooth and crunchy texture of the cashew.  While normally I could consume my weight in cashews, the flavor is so rich and satisfying that it left me satiated after a few nibbles.  Or maybe it's because I got distracted by some of the other goodies to come. Learn more about Esprit Gourmande  (or at the very least be entertained by the translations on their blog.) Thienot Champagne Granted there was only one producer at this event and it's a group, not the delightful small producers that my