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Travel Notes: Israel

I've taken a small break from the crazy travels of the first half of the year.  But in attempt to share my experiences and give some advice to fellow friends traveling abroad, I'm creating posts called "Travel Notes".  The first one is long overdue, but as one of my best friends is currently here - it's time to launch this sucker!  First stop - Tel Aviv, Israel.  Complete album of photos linked  here . Tel Aviv & Jerusalem I was fortunate enough to visit Tel-Aviv for work in June.  It was a quick trip, but I fit a lot in and whet my appetite to go back. Tel-Aviv has an amazing energy.  It's full of good restaurants, nightlife and beautiful people both inside and out.  What struck me about Israel is an amazing sense of history.  Not just ancient history, but a history of a nation and generations that are still tied to creating that nation and fighting for its independence.  These are the chalutzim (pioneers) of Israel, and it seems every modern da