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Truffle Tales

This weekend, I went to the Taste of London.  Food festivals are always so inspiring.  Some things that I taste, I know I could never make without tons of practice and likely tons of failure.  Other things are deliciously simple but people are so intimidated by the exotic ingredients, they convince themselves that to re-create something so good would be utterly impossible. Such are my thoughts about our delicious friend the truffle .  But then I thought - this is just a mushroom, dammit!  Am I going to let a mushroom defeat me?   I think not.  Jackie vs. Truffle, game on. And so there I sat, contemplating the truffle in front of me, my mouth watering at the thought of what it could taste like if done right.  But nagging little thoughts entered my mind and turned to culinary terror - what if I ruin this truffle? Does this fungus look friendly to you? The skin of the truffle is dark, bumpy and rough.  As a food, it looks quite intimidating.  If it were a person, I'd find it ha