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Foodie Tales: Michelin Starry-Eyed (Basking in Basque: Part 3)

If you are interested in food porn, just scroll to the bottom and ignore my flowery words.  :) E-mail, May 1 Hi, Ok, I booked the hotel for San Sebastian (with a view of La Playa de Concha).  Should I make the reservation to Arzak for Thursday night? ------- Hey there, So exciting.  YES!!  Though I don't think you'll get a reservation this late.  But I'll keep my fingers crossed. E-mail, May 2 Hi, Ok you were right, it is impossible to go to ARZAK but...we will go to something better.  Arzak is number 8 in the world's 50 best restaurants and Mugaritz is number 3!! I booked a table for the 24th at 21:30 :-) Have a great day. ------- Hi, Number 3?  I suppose that will have to do.  ;) Real life, Thursday, May 24th - 21:40, somewhere in the Basque countryside near San Sebastian No trip to Basque is complete without basking in the Michelin star.   This region in Spain has one of the highest Michelin star per capita ratios in the world