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Good Moments in Grettely

I know a family that would be the envy of all families if they were allowed to take part in their history as I have.  My story with them started back in college, when Greg was dating one of my friends.   Now, this friend has gone via her own path and Greg is married to a wonderful woman named Marie, without whom the story could never be as good as it is today.   Little did we know, back during those days, though we weren’t very close, we planted the seeds of a blossoming friendship that has extended to his brother, his sister and slowly his family and other friends.  These are a group of people you feel lucky to have in your life.  They bring others together, they have a good heart and they know what it means to be a good friend.   Moments spent with them are always moments where you stop and think, “I have a good life full of amazing people.” These are the Lartilleux.  Most of you probably can’t pronounce that name, but it doesn’t matter.   In my stories you probably kno