Goodbye 2012

Here we are at the crux of a new year.  The last few weeks have been filled with introspection, as they usually are for me.  I mull and muse over the past year - what it brought, what I learned and what is next.

This year was a year of work - I worked hard and got my reward a few weeks ago when I was notified that I got a promotion.   However, that came with a price, which was mainly leaving little energy for what actually gives me energy. Sadly, the blog was neglected and it's a shame. I had so many beautiful adventures, but I feel they just sped by and I moved on, and I didn't share them.

But I've been back in Paris for a few days, after lots of sleep and a good dose of home.  And the urge to write and to share and to tell has come back.  That's a good sign.  The sun was shining on new year's day.  That's a good sign.  I finally got my social security number after waiting 14 months - that's a fantastic sign.  I'm feeling good about 2013.

And the clear mind, good signs and introspection have crystallized into some concrete resolutions for this year:

1) Find and maintain a work/life balance.  Which pretty much means learning how to say "no" more.  I don't want to lose what makes me happy outside of work again.

2) Enjoy Paris more I told myself I would stay for 3 years, and I am about to hit the halfway point. It seems impossible to think that I could make another move in 18 months. But regardless, it's time to start realizing I won't live here forever (I don't think so anyway.) What are the things I would regret not doing?  This year, I need to start doing them.

3) Expand my social circle.   I love meeting and learning from new peopleThe little time/energy I had last year had to be prioritized and spent cultivating friendships with the few friends I've made.  I didn't do it as well as I'd liked, but they've decided to keep me around, thank goodness.  This year I hope to continue to build on the tapestry of friends that make up my life.

4) Fall in love with traveling again.  If you've asked me what I love to do, since I was 10 years old, my answer was "travel."  Last year was the first year where travel felt like a burden because work travel was taking the enjoyment out of it.  Everything was done at the last minute and I often saw cities bleary eyed and just plain tired.  This year I need to plan in advance, to research, to dream of the things I want to do when I get there.  That way when I arrive, I'm not just ticking boxes, I get to savor it and feel the romance of discovering a new place.

And for the rest - well this year I visited 13 countries and nearly 20 cities.  (All of this, and I still don’t have enough frequent flyer miles for my next vacation!)  I only told you about a handful of these adventures. I hope to catch up on a few in the coming months.

Until then, here a few moments from the year that I didn't tell you about:

Dubai, UAE.  Burj Khalifa, the tallest man made structure in the world.  This sucker is so big, I can't even get it in the picture.  I went to the viewing deck.  It's amazing.

Cairo, Egypt.  I saw the f@#$ing pyramids in Giza.   So cool.

Bruges, Belgium.  Beautiful buildings, waffles, fries (and the Museum of Frites), chocolate and a random weekend with two lovely ladies.

Amsterdam, Netherlands.  The meandering canals, houseboats and bicycles.

Moscow, Russia.  I got incredibly lost in the metro.  But the Soviet decor was worth it.

Moscow, Russia - Red Square.  Wandered into a light show in Red Square.  St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's grave and the Kremlin as my backdrop. 

The London Olympics.  Enjoying beach volleyball at my first Olympic games.

Paris, France.  Some of my favorite moments happened right here in Paris.  Look, this is my mom in front of the Eiffel Tower, looking all cute and happy.  It was great to share this experience with her.

Goodbye 2012, and here's to more adventures in 2013!


  1. Jackie! So glad to see a new post from you, I look for these on facebook. Fantastic resolutions - you know I'd love to hear your "fun" travel plans.
    p.s. if you're looking for some mileage: or But you're probably already hip to these.

  2. Hi lady. Thanks for these. I'm about to finalize H1 travel plans (I plan in business cycles, lol) including a big adventure in May. I'll let you know what it is soon.

  3. Hi lady. Thanks for these. I'm about to finalize H1 travel plans (I plan in business cycles, lol) including a big adventure in May. I'll let you know what it is soon.

  4. Very cool. I love reading your posts. I had no idea you went to Cairo and saw the Pyramids!!


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